Endangerment and Call to Action Initiative

WOCN has provided daily support, and “crisis intervention and safety planning” with women of color advocates and activists struggling in their programs. As calls increased, WOCN began to refer to the issue as “the endangerment of the woman of color advocate.” This term coined by WOCN used in publications, presentations and national roundtable discussions with women of color advocates and mainstream programs.

In April 2007, WOCN put out a national call to action to bring together women of color and allies and raise awareness about the endangerment of women of color advocates. The three national dialogues taking place include:

  • Call to Action for Women of Color Advocates for women of color advocates and activists to organize and support each other in their daily efforts.
  • Call to Action for Women of Color Advocates and Allies to discuss issues related to race/ethnicity in the anti-violence against women movement and develop a framework for ally behavior.
  • Call To Action for Young Women of Color and Leadership for the purpose of creating a space for young women of color advocates (age 34 and under) to galvanize around issues of promoting and fostering an anti-violence against women movement that is more inclusive, diverse and supports young women of color leadership.

For more information on these calls please view the Executive Summary: WOCN Call to Action and the Endangerment of the Woman of Color Advocate.